UT-355 Ultrasonic Line Voltage Ceiling Sensor

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Wattstopper’s low-profile UT-355 Ultrasonic line Voltage Ceiling Sensor automatically turns lighting on and off based on occupancy. The sensor mounts on the ceiling with a flat, unobtrusive appearance and provides 360° coverage.


  • Color: White
  • Voltage: 120, 277 or 347VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Coverage: 500 Ft2, 1000 Ft2, 2000 Ft2
  • Load Rating:
    • 0-800 W Ballast/Tungsten/LED
    • 0-1200 W Ballast/LED or 0-1500 W Ballast/LED
  • Light Output 1FCD: Automatic On/Off
  • Response Time: fixed 5 to 30 minutes
  • Architecturally appealing low profile appearance
  • Utilizes advanced, omni-directional, Doppler technology
  • Ultrasonic diffusers give more comprehensive coverage
  • Terminal wiring for quick and easy installation
  • Walk-through mode increases savings potential


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