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Westgate PC-FS1 Outdoor Photocontrol Swivel
PC-1S Photcell 1200W Swivel
EM-24 Exterior Photocell
PC-1F Photcell 500W Wire-In
Westgate SL-PC Mini Photocell For SL Series Flood
PC-1T Photcell 2000W Photoelectric Control
Westgate PC-TWIST Outdoor Twist Lock Photocontrol, 480V
Westgate PC-TLSC Twist Lock Shorting Cap for Photocell Socket
Westgate PC-BU Dusk-to-Dawn Button Photocell, 120-277V
Westgate PC-BM Dusk-to-Dawn Mini Button Photocell, 120V
Westgate PC-B Dusk-to-Dawn Button Photocell, 120V
Westgate PC-2S Swivel Photocell, 120V
Westgate PC-1S Photocell Swivel Arm, 120V
Westgate PC-1H Dusk-to-Dawn Stem Mount Photocell, 277V
Westgate PC-1 Dusk-to-Dawn Stem Mount Photocell, 120V
Westgate PC-TWIST Outdoor Twist Lock Photocontrol, 120-277V
PC-1F Photcell 500W Wire-In - 208/277V
Westgate PC-SMWS1 Outdoor Stem-Mount Photocontrol with Swivel
Westgate PC-B2 Outdoor Button Photocontrol - 240V

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