Sensor Switch CMRB Standard Range 360° Fixture Mount Box Sensor

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The CMRB 9 Series Standard Range occupancy sensor mounts directly to the end of a luminaire and utilizes the industry’s leading Passive Infrared (PIR) technology to provide amazing sensitivity to small motions and excellent payback.


  • Type: Standard Range 360° 
  • Voltage: 120/277VAC
  • 100% Digital PIR Detection, Excellent RF Immunity
  • 360º Coverage Pattern
  • Self-Contained Relay, No Power Pack Needed
  • No Minimum Load Requirements
  • Compatible w/ Electronic & Magnetic Ballasts, CFLs, LED, & Incandescents
  • Interchangeable Hot & Load Wires, Impossible to Wire Backwards
  • Push-Button Programmable
  • Adjustable Time Delays
  • No Field Calibration or Sensitivity Adjustments Required
  • Convenient Test Mode
  • 100 hr Lamp Burn-in Timer

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