Halo 4" Recessed LED New Construction Housing


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Recessed 4" aperture ultra-shallow new construction housing for use with LED integrated trims. Suitable for 2x4 residential framing or shallow plenum commercial construction, type IC rated and can be used in direct contact with insulation. Airtight rating reduces airflow between living spaces and unconditioned areas providing additional energy savings.


  • LED module and Trims sold separately
  • $12.35 each when ordered in 6-Pack
  • Single wall deep drawn aluminum housing painted matte black for a visually dark interior
  • Adjusts vertically to accommodate 1/2” to 1-1/4” thick ceilings and locks in position with (3) setscrews
  • Compact galvanized steel plaster frame with integral bar hanger receivers
  • Compact galvanized steel junction box with 15in3 internal volume
  • (3) 4-port push wire nuts with clear caps for quick and reliable mains voltage connections

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