Enerlites USB15L Interchangeable Replacement USB Outlet Module, 10-Pack

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Enerlites Interchangeable USB Module for the 61501-TR2USB-CU outlet. This USB module is perfect for any public or high-traffic areas that is easily damage. The USB module can be easily replaced without special tools or professional help in just a fraction of the time and cost.


  • Wall Plates sold separately
  • Sold in 10pcs, price is $2.33 each
  • Color: Black
  • Replacement USB module part for the 61150-TR2USB-CU receptacle
  • 2 USB Type-A ports with a combined maximum output of 4.8 Amp, 5VDC
  • 1 tamper-resistant receptacle complies with 2017 NEC Article 406.12
  • IntelliChip recognizes the charging requirements of individual devices to optimize charging speeds and prevent short-circuiting
  • Two-Year Warranty



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