Enerlites HET01-H1 Astronomic Digital In-Wall Programmable Timer Switch

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The ENERLITES HET01-H1 is an in-wall digital timer switch with astronomic programming features. The astronomic features calculate dusk and dawn times based on the time of year and geographic location to ensure that any dusk/dawn program settings are accurate.
  • Color: White
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Resistive: 1800W (15A)
  • Tungsten: 1200W
  • Ballast: 1200VA
  • LED: 150W
  • Motor: 1/2HP
  • Program up to 7 custom ON/OFF times
  • Automatically updates daylight savings time
  • Automatically updates dusk and dawn times
  • Program lights to turn ON/OFF at dusk and dawn
  • Manual ON/OFF button
  • Built-in battery pack stores program settings up to 14 days without power
  • Single pole or three-way
  • Neutral wire required
  • Two-Year limited warranty




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