Wattstopper LSR-301 Daylighting Sensor,Handheld remote control

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Wattstopper LSR-301 Daylighting Sensor,Handheld remote control For LS-301


  • Type: Type: Closed Loop
  • Typical Applications: Pivate Office, Classroom, Restaurant, Retail, Library
  • Automatic dimming based on ambient light levels
  • Controls standard 0-10VDC electronic dimming ballasts
  • Optional occupant adjustment via handheld remote
  • Two AAA batteries (included)
  • LSR-301-S (Yellow): Setup Remote Control
    • The LSR-301-S provides five buttons for initial set-up, which is easily completed by first raising or lowering electric light levels to desired levels, then programming this target level into the photosensor.
  • LSR-301-P (Green): Occupant Remote Control
    • The LSR-301-P provides three buttons for occupants to adjust light levels.
    • With this optional tool, users can increase target light levels by up to 25% or reduce them to the lamp/ballast minimum level. Pressing the ?œAuto??button returns the control to programmed levels.


LSR-301-S, LSR-301-P

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