Wattstopper EOKT Wireless RF PIR Occupancy Sensor

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Option: Single Relay
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The EOPC-100 Wireless RF PIR Occupancy Sensor works with EOSW-100 Series RF Wall Switches to turn lights on and off based on occupancy. The sensor mounts on the ceiling and provides 360° passive infrared coverage.


  • Typical Applications: Small Conference Rooms, Private Offices, Executive Offices, Hallways, Storage Rooms
  • Type: Wireless RF PIR Occupancy Sensor
  • Option: Single Relay Installer Kit, Manual-On ; Dual Relay Installer Kit, Auto-ON 50pct
  • Special Features: Self-powered, Reversable Mounting Disc
  • Self-powered extended range ceiling mount sensor
  • Photovoltaic panels power sensor; no batteries required
  • Ladder-free installation options
  • Transmitter for wireless communication with RF wall switches
  • Works with 1- and 2- relay RF wall switches
  • Adds energy code compliance without the need for rewiring


EOKT-101-W, EOKT-102-W

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