CU-250 Ultrasonic Multi-way Wall Switch Vacancy Sensor

WattstopperSKU: CU-250-I

Color: Ivory
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The CU-250 Ultrasonic Multi-way Vacancy Sensor provides automatic lighting shutoff for applications in the home including those with multiple switch locations. It is engineered to comply with California’s Title 24-2013 residential energy code.


  • Wallplate sold separately
  • Color: Ivory, Light Almond, Almond
  • Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
  • Load Rating: 0-600W or 1/6 hp motor
  • Coverage: 180°, max. 600 ft2
  • Automatic-off control with multi-way capability
  • Adjustable sensitivity and time delay
  • Lighted pushbutton for visibility in darkened rooms
  • Ideal for bathrooms, L-shaped rooms and spaces with obstructions
  • Compliant with California Title 24-2008


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